Future career..

Heyyo! I’m back. But it’ll be just a short post. As the title says, Future Career.. I shall talk about the thoughts that I have about my future then.

I don’t know why, but recently I just sudden thought that I won’t be an engineer at the end of the day but instead I’ll be taking over my dad’s business. My dad started this company from scratch, all by his own years ago. It’s time for him to retire and someone needs to take over his business. However, all my siblings are girls and I’m the only boy. My sisters doesn’t wanna take over and usually it’s the man that will take over their father’s business, and that leads only me alone.

Before this I have no interest in working for his field, but after thinking and thinking, I feel it will be so stupid if my dad business end just like that because non of us wants to inherit his business, or hand it over to someone else and not by  our own family, that’ll be silly. Also, working on your own is always much better than working for someone.

Therefore, after many considerations, I feel that at the end of the day, I would be the one to inherit my dad’s business and not becoming and engineer as what I’m pursue in my studies currently. I shall slowly start to learn what my dad is really doing from time to time. I told myself, during the 4 months break, I shall follow my dad to work and see the environment whenever I have time and chances, instead of wasting time, might as well I do something productive. =).

I know, you must be wondering if I have this thought, why don’t I just straight work rather than going through all the hassle in my studies as an Chemical Engineer right?

Okay, here’s the answer. Firstly I would want to have an experience being in university, life as an university student. Working is for life, everyone would go through the learning stage, starting from kindergarten, moving up to primary, then secondary, and tertiary level of education. After this period it would be working for the rest of your life. The education path that I took is the longest, pre-U I took STPM which is 2 years and now I’m older than most of my coursemates in uni because they only took 1 year in Pre-U. Next, I would want to have a degree as an achievement. At least have a degree. =). Thirdly, I wanna build up networking, socializing around. And last but not least, I don’t wana start working so early! =P.

Comes to think about it, I feel kinda sad when I think on my dad’s side before this that non of us doesn’t want to take over his business. He worked so hard for it, building this company up all on his own and we as his children doesn’t want to take over for him to retire peacefully. It’s just sad. =(.

So chances of me taking is…. 90%. =).

Alright, that’s all for now..

Signing off!

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Okayy. So this is my first try using power point to edit image.. haha. My face looks weird.. =).

I miss you peeps!! But you’ll be coming back soon.. Oh yeahh.. =P.

Just a random post.. See ya!

 “Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts. and we are forever changed.”

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Singapore Day 1 @ 14.09.11

Mr Liew. Driver for Sentosa day..

GPS. That almost brought us to no-where..

hahaMaking our way through the bridge~~!


Entrance Fee...

Where we parked the car..

They make me pose like a rabbit..Luge luge...

We saved S$4.50 per head. Thanks to the staff there. =)

See see.. Family package.. haha

After going down the slope, we saw the beach and the first thing came to our mind, jump shot!






There’s many more but I didn’t upload. haha.
Next off, Skyride.. Luge is going down the hill, and we can’t possibly walk back up all the way right? So… Skyride! haha

Going up....!

That's how it looks like..

Luge luge...

Decided to have ice-cream....

And after that we found a long stretch of road… Idea struck again, jumping! =P

I wanna kungfu finghting! haaaa~~~!

Tee Vee doesn't wanna jump..

So heavy...... =PP

Lorry driver..



Where were we before this.. =)


Got tricked...

We got tricked by the staff there. We heard them saying take a photo with the birds with your camera at NO CHARGE.. So we decided to take. Passed them our camera, stand right in place.The guy said: “we’ll bring the birds and let you hold it and we’ll take a photo using our camera, after that, we’ll take it away and use your camera for the background.” How smart of them… Sighh. Meaning in order to have a picture with the birds on you, you have to purchase. 1 for S$20, 2 for S$30. So expensive! =( So we decided to walk away, but my aunt said the last time she came, they offered 4 for S$40. Meaning 1 for S$10 only.  Then I went to ask them whether they allow if we take another 2 more and get it at the price of S$40. He said sorry, no can do. =(. So we just walk off..


After taking few shots down there, the bird guy came and said they can offer S$40 for 4. He said he was too into printing and wasn’t paying attention to me when I asked (excuses…). Then we decided to go back and take another 2 more for my sis and her boyf.

Sis and boyf / fiancee..

 So here are the 4 photos that we got… for S$40

Sis and I... take 1.. *love this bird, know how to pose..*

take 2....


Take 3...


Sis and fiance.... take 4...!

Quite nice right the photos.. =). Can say worth it laa.. haha. After that continue our journey…

Tee Vee VIP.. haha

Guy spoilt the photo. =(

❤ hahahah

Fountain of dream.....

Super expensive pop-corn... That is on discount!

Took photo first, cause Tee Vee say she doesn't know how to take when we go back there again..

Steamm....Sis wants a jumpshot too.. haha

Another angle... haha.

I have the globe on my hands! =)

PAfter taking numbers of shots with the Universal globe, we decided to make a move cause it was getting late, head to MBS!



And that's where we were.. haha

On the way back to the car… Jump shot again! haha

I almost reach the top! haha

We didn’t go into the Merlion cause went in before, nothing much.. =)

You'll never miss this in Sentosa..In front of gift shop..

Tee Vee shopping behind.. haha

We decide to get another ice-cream..

Merlion walk... Just took photo only.

My idea..

See the left side.

Pose with the car..Departing Sentosa... Bye bye Sentosa, Helloooooo MBS!

That’s only half the day… The other half is….. MBS! Marina Bay Sands! haha. Stay tuned..
This are part of the photos.. For more photos, kindly visit to my album on Facebook @ Day 1 : Sentosa / MBS
More to come… Need some rest… haha.
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Singapore Day 0 @ 13.09.2011

 As you know, I went to Singapore during my last Semester break.. =) I shall let the photo do the talking.. As said, picture worth a thousand words.. haha.
Pit stop..

Sleeping Zzzz.. =)

Driver of the day...

crossing the checkpoint..

Cousin sis wanted to eat MOF so muchh... haha.


This taste good but it taste wierd after the ice melts..


I like this most... we saw this huge mirror.. Photo time! haha. See my hand carrying to many things.. Aunt still can go shopping.


We literally called each other using Viber / Skype. Making full use of technology.. hahahaFruit time...!

Nothing much on Day 0. As we just travel and also rest day.. =).
Stay tuned for more updates! haha.
It’s been a long time since I last blogged..
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A fun weekend!

I had an enjoyable and fun weekend! (5-7th August). The interns followed me back to KL and stayed over at my place for the weekend. We left uni about 11.30pm. When we reach KL, I brought them over to see my alma mater (SJI!). After that on the way back, we passed-by Pavilion and saw sales! Dropped by and have a looked. They bought some stuffs but I didn’t. Only had BR Ice-cream! =)

Saturday… We went Genting Highlands! Before that Daisy seasoned some chicken wing with her home recipe. haha. I drove up halfway til Genting Skyway and took the cable car up. =).  It was a good time to go that day. Not too many people. Didn’t spend so much time to queue up for the rides. We even sat the Corkscrew twice continuously. haha. We played quite alot of rides. After that near to evening, it started raining and the fog came out. The outdoor theme park had to close down. So we decided to leave. Head downhill, and go for Grandpa Bak Kut Teh! yummm… =P.

After dinner brought them to Casa Mila. Walked around, then Jenny and Rona started playing at the playground.. They played the see-saw and it was soooooo funny! I couldn’t stop laughing seeing them play and I also took a video. Watching it can make me hyper (according to them). hahaha! Rona’s action especially. =P.

Sunday morning was normal. Had lunch at Kajang Sate! Awhile later we head towards 1U for shopping again and left back to UTP straight.

Here are some of the photos.

Dinner.. =).

Inside skyway..


All of us.. At my sister's house next door. =)

Preparing Chicken Wing!

Spot my hand.. haha


Okayy. That’s all for now. More photos will be uploaded on Facebook! =). Til then, see ya!

Off to class..

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Heyya people!! Sorry for the late updates! haha. I know I’m supposed to be free after my Physical Chemistry test last Friday, but unfortunately I’m not.. =(. Been busy lately. Saturday whole day had AIESEC LCM Meeting. Almost whole day gone..

And then on Sunday…. *jeng jeng jeng……* We had a trip to Gua Tempurung!! A total number of 10 including the Interns from China and Hong Kong, Daisy, Jenny (my buddy!) and Rona. They’re here for a project for 6 weeks. I’ll upload the photos when I have them in hand, still haven’t get the soft copy of it yet but soon! It was one awesome trip! I’ll update my blog when I get the photos. =).

Sunday came back, rush for the report and also ODE Assignment.. Done with it. Monday rush for AIESEC stuffs. Now I gotta come up with a proposal for our project. Compile all from my other teammates. Tuesday rush for Academic Writing assignment. and also ChemEcar competition. Tomorrow will be our presentation. 2 days consecutively have meetings side by side.. 10pm-11pm AIESEC, 11pm-dunno what time ChemE car.

After tomorrow will be a bit free already. Hope for the best to get selected to join the real competition. =).

Been busy but not too busy. I “lectured” my friend last night for making herself so busy til got no time for her own. Enrolled too much in events and clubs. As my status wrote,

” Do something with limits.. Don’t go beyond. Whatever it is, do with passion. Don’t do because you have to do but you WANT to do.. And don’t regret what you do or doing or did.. If you did, look forward. If doing, make changes.. Think before you do. =). Cheers!!”  ©

=). Alright.. Til then. Will be back soon, hopefully.. With photos of my trip to Gua Tempurung! =). You can see some from my Facebook account..

The interns. From left: Jenny(buddy), Daisy and Rona.

The Gua Tempurung gang! =)

till then..

see ya ppl!

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Hahhaa. I’m urging someone to change my password for Facebook account.. I just don’t know what so nice about Facebook. Keep going there and see.. =(. Someone please help me change to the time being… hahaha. That’s the only way to help me from stop going there.


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